The Weekend of October 9-11 is P A C K E D with must-hear goodness in Philly.

First is the VGXPO 5th Anniversary with myself, and the Philly Crew (plus a special set from the godfather of MAGFest in Baltimore)! There’s a rundown on the Fridaynight opening-event goodness on the VGXPO Blog.

Saturday night is the -O N E – Y E A R  – A N N I V E R S A R Y of  8STATIC!! and as if you were thinking about going to sleep…. The party continues down the street at PI LAM, with an all-night all-ages show to kill off any remaining chiptune-deprived. Anamanaguchi, minusbaby ENSO on projection, and DJ Billy W. of Kungfu Necktie’s Robotique fame (itself a recent 1-year institution).

If you’re not sleeping for those unaccounted-for 5 hours on Friday night, you may have time for Design Philly, Philadelphia Open Studios (POST) or Swap-o-rama-rama. hmmm.

For those of you who are still building up your arsinal for the weekend. I’ll be doing another DIY Microcontroller and Electronics workshop at the Hacktory THIS weekend (October 3rd). whew!