A blockbuster Saturday on the 19th with back-to-back chiptune events in West Philadelphia.

1st: the Ready Run exhibition opens at the Esther Klein Gallery on 3600 Market St. from 5-8PM.

2nd: Party moves to Studio 34 forSeptember 8Static!

I’ll have my latest Atari XEGS program “memscroll.xex”  running at EKG, where gallery goers can try their hand at flashing VBLANK visuals on a 1970’s TV. I’ll also be running the visuals booth all night at 8static with special effects requests for Lissajou, DOS goodness for Disasterpeace, and watching the  self generated video and music of Jeff “noteNdo” Donaldson.

Have I mentioned VGXPO yet??? yep. performing at the 2nd biggest geekfest in Philly next month.