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After many requests… I’ve finally got a web shop up!
Breadboard kits and the Pocket VBLANK will now be available at
This site will be the new home for all things kit, works-in-progress, gallery and workshop. As always, look here for the latest upcoming performances and lo-fi video luv.

I’ve just offered up three special “Sellout Edition” versions of my new “Pocket VBLANK”  circuit at 8bc.
These boards will be released in full force in the next couple of weeks, at my latest ‘WIP’ website and at the merchandise table at Blip Festival 2009 on December 17, 18 & 19. The first run is only [...]

Here’s a sample video from my 3rd version of the Chipsynth Video Circuit. This Circuit has 2 processors, a line audio input for realtime modulation of graphics and two Nintendo 64 controllers for live performance manipulation.
The Video is captured live from the back of the mixer. The tune is Animal Style’s awesome “DMG Guitar” from [...]