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This Friday ( 7/08) at Kung Fu Necktie under Philly’s fabulous Blue line El tracks: The wall of sound you’ve been waiting for!
Pointcloud, Speed Skating, & Music for Headphones. Though getting out-of-genre & playing with these bands has been one of the high-points of the year, it looks like this could be my last Fishtown [...]

DOS /?
Yeah… I’ve been cranking up the 486 again to let the soldering burns heal from my recent kit prototyping.
I decided to work on the blue-screen tan for a few days and port aalib back to DOS (the OS… not the little box in Windows Vista), for some new video insanity. This port was also [...]

Finally back at the code & circuits….
Bumped into this pic from Mark Dalzell, snapped of my first video-driven-audio performance at Bent Festival.

It went incredibly well & inspired me back to the code & circuit work. Many projects in the works.

I’m splitting sets next Saturday with Paris of Voltage Controlled fame!
Should be a great show. It’s fashion week in NYC, so expect a little extra 8bit flair!
This set as well as the Less than Three show will highlight my newest breadboard design with 2 controllers, and an audio input. i’ve also graduated [...]

Though My debut visualist gig was in May of this year, I have finally gotten some information online.
I hope this will be an information source for my live visual performances and the chip-based video synthesizer I use. Information on my circuit and software based live visuals can be found from the links [...]