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After an exciting move to coal country, and some substantial changes in life I’m back at it!
I’ll be performing at Hunter College’s “Thomas Hunter Project Space” at 6:30pm on Friday as part of a performance and video collection titled “Everything is Falling Apart.”

This work is breaking pace with my traditional beeps, blips and pixels. The [...]

This Friday ( 7/08) at Kung Fu Necktie under Philly’s fabulous Blue line El tracks: The wall of sound you’ve been waiting for!
Pointcloud, Speed Skating, & Music for Headphones. Though getting out-of-genre & playing with these bands has been one of the high-points of the year, it looks like this could be my last Fishtown [...]

That’s Vaudeville Park, where the roving monthly chip show  I/O will be haunting this month!

This month’s show on July 2nd will include Tony Ness, syl|CMYK, L-Tron… and, oh… yeah gwEm!
Doors at 7:30pm.. The door is to the right of those trashcans Google Maps street-view is so lovingly immortalizing for us. See you in Brooklyn!

As part of Philly Tech Week, I’ll be performing at PhilaMoca on Thursday, April 28 @ 7:30pm.
This show includes music by an0va,  Chipocrite & Philly fab favorites:  Cheap Dinosaurs! This show’s presented by 8static, Third Generation and PhilaMOCA and begins with an early panel/presentation.
I hope to premier some of my latest work (wonder why I’ve [...]

In coordination with the December 8static event, I’ve created an “augmented reality” gallery of my visuals throughout Philadelphia. Giant Chip8 Pixel-Corgi’s, Llamas, and other beasties across west Philly and throughought the city!
These virtual designs can be viewed starting today from any GPS & Camera endowed phone running   Apple’s iOS or Android OS. To view it, [...]

In an absurdly UN-video move; I’ll be exhibiting a new series of interactive images at Bambi Project, here in Philadelphia’s NoLibs neighborhood at the Schmidt’s Piazza!
This series is only viewable when the viewer breathes on the mirrored surface of each image. Despite a very 1880’s look, these devices are packed with microcontroller goodness.

This dark series, [...]

I will be spending July 16-18 at the Next Hope conference in NYC.
At the top of the todo list? 3 days of wall-to-wall talks by some of the worlds most recognized hackers, and digerati. Oh yeah, and 2 nights of blow-out concerts!
While I’m not spraying video on the walls of the Video Temple, I’ll most [...]

After a long spell of crouching over the circuit boards, I’ll be doing another live spell at Pulsewave in NYC! May 22nd:

I’ll be doing visuals all night for
OK Ikumi, Forest World, ComputeHer & 8 Bit weapon <– beat that!
And Enso is finally starting to promo some of his sweet flier work! Start collecting now & [...]

The Weekend of October 9-11 is P A C K E D with must-hear goodness in Philly.
First is the VGXPO 5th Anniversary with myself, and the Philly Crew (plus a special set from the godfather of MAGFest in Baltimore)! There’s a rundown on the Fridaynight opening-event goodness on the VGXPO Blog.
Saturday night is the [...]

A blockbuster Saturday on the 19th with back-to-back chiptune events in West Philadelphia.
1st: the Ready Run exhibition opens at the Esther Klein Gallery on 3600 Market St. from 5-8PM.
2nd: Party moves to Studio 34 forSeptember 8Static!

I’ll have my latest Atari XEGS program “memscroll.xex”  running at EKG, where gallery goers can try their hand at flashing [...]