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I will be spending July 16-18 at the Next Hope conference in NYC.
At the top of the todo list? 3 days of wall-to-wall talks by some of the worlds most recognized hackers, and digerati. Oh yeah, and 2 nights of blow-out concerts!
While I’m not spraying video on the walls of the Video Temple, I’ll most [...]

Yes, Its true! 16!
–ok, 16 shows, not years… but we’ll celebrate anyway.
I’ll be doing live video at the April 10th 8Static with music by
Mark Denardo, Oxygenstar, and Philly’s own Animal Style for our 16th show, with an extra 8 bits that we don’t normally use…( hmmm 16bit music and video??? sounds like DOS —   Doom [...]

The crew here in Philly has gotten together to try to raise some money for desperately needed equipment replacement at the monthly 8Static Chiptune event here in Philadelphia! To date, ALL of the equipment we use has been donated in-kind, but we are managing to kill some of it with the beauty of squarewaves!
This kickstarter [...]

Vintage computer Festival? Vintage Computer Festival!
Can’t get better than that. No Carrier, Animal Style, Dino of Cheap Dinosaurs Fame and myself will be doing a daylight demo at Vintage Computer festival 6.0 East this Saturday September 12th. we will also hve a display of our equipment and projects on site. I’ve been waiting FOREVER for [...]