Vintage computer Festival? Vintage Computer Festival!

Can’t get better than that. No Carrier, Animal Style, Dino of Cheap Dinosaurs Fame and myself will be doing a daylight demo at Vintage Computer festival 6.0 East this Saturday September 12th. we will also hve a display of our equipment and projects on site. I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this!

Yes, I am doing the 2nd of two back-to-back Pulsewave nights :

This promises to be one of the biggest Pulsewave parties since Halloween!  This one’s going to be a  non-stop show with continuous video & DJ’s between each set. n-o-n-s-t-o-p!

I’ll be premiering my new hardware Chip8 emulation circuit at this one.. whaaaa??? A pixel-perfect emulation of one of the first true home computers from 1977, called the RCA Cosmac VIP. What’s the video output look like? Picture your grandpa’s PONG console being played by two electric eels.

see you in NYC on the 29th!

Remember Big Black? Think Big Black on morphine.

I’m breaking form this weekend and doing a not-chiptunes show with Phila/Jersey local: velvet crayon.

It’ll be a late night at the Tritone this Saturday. Should be more laid back than my usual shows – (translates as heavy feeeeeedback). I’m in the midst of completely re-designing the chip video output for my main two circuits. Hopefully they’ll be in for a testdrive at this show.

Come early & check out the other bands!

I’ll be performing at July Pulsewave at the Tank in Manhattan this Saturday, the 25th.

I’m very excited about this lineup… and especially working with enso: Alex Bond. Alex has been creating beautiful pixel images and spinning them off of a GP2X handheld game machine. We’ve decided to mix a set on Saturday, which should be a great look with my big-block low-res mixed in. See you at the Tank.

DOS /?

Yeah… I’ve been cranking up the 486 again to let the soldering burns heal from my recent kit prototyping.

I decided to work on the blue-screen tan for a few days and port aalib back to DOS (the OS… not the little box in Windows Vista), for some new video insanity. This port was also my first dive into x86 assembly, and I’m read to start soldering again…

Should look good mixed down with my recent chip8 video work. … Anybody selling a COSMAC VIP?

See you at Pulsewave : )

Finally back at the code & circuits….

Bumped into this pic from Mark Dalzell, snapped of my first video-driven-audio performance at Bent Festival.

It went incredibly well & inspired me back to the code & circuit work. Many projects in the works.

It’s starting to feel like Philly’s 8Static is here to stay. Originally setting out to be a single night of blippy goodness, 8Static is now a monthly regular at Studio34 with more new faces in the crowd every month.

I’m doing my first solo night of video in nearly a year, and pulling out another new system. I’ve been storming my way through some green monochrome goodness that comes from the 1977 chip8 language found on old RCA and ETI (RCA 1802 processor based) computer kits. 64×32 pixels of flickery fun, with 2 choices of color in each pixel: some or none.

April is a busy month, as I’ve also been preparing for a performance and workshop at Bent Festival 2009. More info to come…


Maybe only to people who live on the Island, but it’s good to see Pulsewave starting a new year in Manhattan.

This time the show is located on w. 45th St. near 8th ave.

Really looking forward to Chibi-tech! For those in the know, I’ve been working on the code side of both the Sega Genesis and the Atari XEGS (that’s a 6502 in a strange half computer/half game system marketing failure from 1987).  Now that I’ve gotten code onto the hardware, I’m working on a text preview from the XEGS for this show. I may take a breath from low level, & use some good wholesome PEEK & POKE action!

Should be a good night with NoteNdo covering the other half of video goodness.

Philly is finally getting a monthly show via 8static of 2008 DesignPhiladelphia fame.

I’ll be doing live video for Animal Style’s performance at the first 2009 show.

January 10th, studio 34, West Philadelphia.

4 days of 8-bit madness can be found in NYC – December 4,5,6 & 7

I’ll be performing all 4 nights, with a line-up that will make your head spin!

I’ll also be teaching a “Make Your Own Visualist” workshop. The workshop will be based on my latest electronics “kit” where participants build a programmable, wearable 64 LED matrix to flash their own 8×8 pixel graphics on.

All tools and kits will be provided, or the kit can be had at the festival for those that have soldered before & want to build the kit on their own.

See you there!

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